House rules

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Welcome dear guests, here are some important details and house rules to make your stay pleasant,

We hope you find the apartment to your liking.

Smoking inside is not allowed. Please keep everything safe as it is yours. Do not take anything out of the property, all you need for the beach you can buy in Bol, on some beaches you can rent sunbeds and sun umbrellas, so please do not take anything from the apartment or the garden outside of the property.

The wheeled shopping bag is to be used for shopping only, do not take it to the beach, please keep it clean.

Please leave the apartment clean and in order, as you found it, thank you.

No party policy: Please do not invite outside guests on the property for safety reasons as well as not to disturb other guests in the house. If any problem occurs, we will address it together.

Please let us know if you have any problem or dilemma in the apartment, we will do our best to correct it. If you need anything, please ask, we will try to meet your demand if possible. We do not enter your apartment if there is no danger or proper cause. If you need clean towels or bed linen please let us know. Change is on demand, keeping the environment in mind, thank you.

As we live surrounded by nature, ants are a part of it and they will enter the apartment for crumbs. To prevent that, use containers and fridge, keep bread and sweets safe from ants. All you need to keep the apartment clean is inside, please use it or ask for help. Garbage is disposed of every day to prevent ants and smell caused by heat. Glass, cans and PET bottles are disposed of separately in provided bins by the gate, thank you.

Not to offend anyone, this is a family friendly vacation household, all guests should appreciate peace and quiet at all times, not disturbing other guests. Pets are welcome but on the leash in the yard.

Water and electricity please save as you would at your own home. Use the air conditioner when you are inside and with windows and doors closed, not to overwork it and cause malfunction. Service can take up to a week at the time,

Outside light above your doors is operated from inside of the apartment, please turn it off before going to bed and during the day. Water heater/boiler ON at all times, switch is by your bathroom doors, keep in mind not to turn of by mistake.

We would like you to consider the apartment your second home. We kindly ask you to take care of it, as we will have to charge any damage.

CHECK-IN: from 3PM

CHECK OUT: till 10 AM

Let us know your time of departure at least the day before. Please leave the keys in the door and safe box opened.

At your arrival, we need your documents for administrative purposes as well as final payment.

A mandatory law in Croatia requires every guest to present a valid government ID upon check-in for registration.

Persons other than registered guests are restricted from the property. We grant your data is safe, not to be used for any other purposes.

We wish you a pleasant stay.
Family Marinkovic

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